Welcome to McAdenville, NC

McAdenville is committed to being a town that cherishes its past while embracing its future with dignity, respect, and innovation.

About McAdenville, NC

Situated along the South Fork River, just west of Charlotte, NC, McAdenville is overflowing with opportunities for business, living and visiting as the Town celebrates its rich history while embracing the promise and advantages of today’s time.

The moment you enter McAdenville, you will see a town that is built on community, where the living is easy, neighbors become friends and memories last a lifetime. At first glance, McAdenville may seem like an ordinary small town in America, but what separates McAdenville from the rest is the sense of pride in its unique history and faith in its future. With new restaurants and shops joining the picturesque Historic Downtown, to river access and trails, there has never been a better time to visit McAdenville.

Our Community

Our Homes

The homes in McAdenville tell a story of the rich history. This unique place blends historically important architecture with the craftsmanship and creativity of the most respected builders.

Corporate Citizenship

Pharr’s leadership has been the driving force behind the private-public partnership responsible for the McAdenville Economic Development and Community Enrichment Plan.

Shining Traditions

The community of McAdenville is a step back in time and into the future; where traditions are coveted and progress is welcomed.

Helpful Links

Town Government

View contact information for Town Council & Planning Board, council meeting minutes, and Code of Ordinances

Town Service

View contact information regarding water & sewer services, planning & zoning, fire & police, schools, and other town services

Town Directory

View contact information for Town Government, Town Services, schools, development opportunities, and other places of interest

Christmas Town, U.S.A

It all started in 1956, when the McAdenville Men’s Club along with Mr. W. J. Pharr, Pharr’s founder and president at the time, conceived the idea of using red, white and green lights to decorate the trees around the McAdenville Community Center.

For 2020, Christmas Town will introduce various pandemic precautions to ensure a safe and responsible seasonal celebration. Visitors can expect a Town that still shines with holiday cheer December 1 – 26 from 5:30PM – 10:00PM. Some of the Christmas revisions include a virtual Christmas Town 5K, no lighting of Christmas Town Lake, no tree lighting ceremony or parade. One thing that does remain constant is the Reason for the lights. Further details will be available in November.

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