Old Town Charm, Inspired Living

Situated along the South Fork River, just west of Charlotte, NC, McAdenville is overflowing with opportunities for business, living and visiting as the town celebrates its rich history while embracing the promise and advantages of tomorrow.

Commitment to the Future

Year-round Good Cheer. Shining Traditions.

The moment you enter McAdenville, you will see a town that is built around community, where living is easy, neighbors become friends and memories last a lifetime. At first glance, McAdenville may seem like an ordinary small town in America, but what separates McAdenville from the rest is the sense of pride in its rich history and faith in its future. From restaurants and shops joining the picturesque Historic Downtown to river access and trails, there has never been a better time to visit.

Vision for McAdenville’s Future

Community leaders believe that McAdenville has the natural resources and small-town charm to become a new North Carolina hub for outdoor pursuits like hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. The riverfront natural areas will continue to be activated over the years, with the vision of extending the Carolina Thread Trail, a network of greenways and blueways that link 15 counties in North and South Carolina, and connecting to existing trails and parks in town. The vision is that McAdenville’s riverfront will be a prominent segment of the Matthews-Belk South Fork River Corridor, more than 20 miles of greenway and blueways from Spencer Mountain to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, connecting five towns, several mountain bike parks and many points of interest along the way. Also on the riverfront, plans are in place for the renovation of a historic mill and future commercial and residential development, furthering McAdenville’s role as a year-round destination for recreation, shopping, food and beverage and other fun activities in addition to the annual Christmas Town U.S.A. events. A beautiful new office building, the Dynamo 31, developed from a renovated and repurposed textile mill building has been added downtown, bringing some great businesses to Town with exciting things to offer. As McAdenville continues to evolve, one thing remains the same – its authenticity.

Our Heritage

Situated within 1.5 square miles of historic charm, McAdenville is proof that the best things really do come in small packages. McAdenville is a village with a heritage of tenacity and faith in what it was, is, and will be. Our town represents what can happen when the willpower of hardworking people, the vision of enlightened collaborations, the leadership of corporate stewards, and a compassionate caring, community of co-workers, families, friends, and neighbors come together for the betterment of a community.

Christmas Town U.S.A.®

Each season, just west of Charlotte, the quaint town of McAdenville becomes a Christmas wonderland. Almost overnight, the vibrant little town transforms into Christmas Town U.S.A.®, attracting visitors from across the country.